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Handcues may not be a fit for every language learner

Not all learning paths are paved with sounds. At Handcues, we're passionate about unlocking the potential of sound training for language learning. But we also understand that one size doesn't fit all, and what works for some learners might not be the best approach for others. Today, we want to explore the case of Gestalt […]

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Baby Hand Cues: Tiny Gestures, Big Impact

For new parents, witnessing your baby's first communication can be exhilarating. You can help your little one blossom into a confident communicator by incorporating hand cues. Handcues are powerful tools for supporting your baby's early speech development. Simple handcues can be incorporated as playful interactions. It is a bit like using a hand gestures when speaking […]

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Handcues Empower Performers

Refine your stage presence with increased vocal freedom! For performers, the voice is an instrument. Words are notes, inflections are melodies, and emotions become the rhythm that connects us to our audience. The more we tune our instrument, the better do the syllables, clear articulation, and strong vocal control create connection, enabling you to fully captivate […]

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Share your Handcues experience

Your voice, and every voice in the Handcues community matters! In striving to learn and improve, your feedback is very valuable and also to share with others any successes that you achieved on your journey to clearer communication. There is no better guide than you, our amazing users! That's why we're inviting you to share your valuable […]

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Handcues support Emotional Well-being

We all deserve the ability to express ourselves confidently, at a deeper level beyond speech therapy and using any work-around that might be needed.  A clear, confident voice that lets us sing our stories, whisper our dreams, and shout our joys with unwavering self-belief. But for many, this simple gift remains out of reach due to unclear articulation, […]

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Pronunciation - a key to Fluency

Learning a new language is like composing a beautiful symphony. You master the intricate notes, learn the rhythm, and practice with dedication. When you tune your instrument, your audience can enjoy and appreciate the melody more. Pronunciation is how you sound out letters (arphabet), syllables and words. One's pronunciation skills can be 'graded'. Articulation refers […]

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Phonetics demystified

Do you ever stumble over certain sounds in words, or wish you could express yourself with more clarity? Well, the secret to unlocking your articulation potential could lie in the fascinating realm of phonetics. Now, don't be intimidated. Phonetics is simply the study of how sounds are produced and perceived in speech. And trust me, […]

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Bridging a resource gap with CueTime

We all deserve a voice, clear and confident. Yet, for many, access to the valuable service of speech therapy remains a distant dream. Costly weekly sessions can feel like a mountain to climb, especially for families struggling to meet basic needs. There is a great need for Free Speech Therapy Resources and is part of […]

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Engage all your senses for effective skills retention

Take articulation skills to the next level with Handcues. We can all improve articulation control through daily practise. With its multi-sensory approach, Handcues provides a framework for quickly practising all the phonetic sounds every day. Refine your sound articulation skills and build confidence with Handcues' daily, multi-sensory approach. Let's see how it works:  Visual Cues: Each […]

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