Engage all your senses for effective skills retention

Take articulation skills to the next level with Handcues. We can all improve articulation control through daily practise. With its multi-sensory approach, Handcues provides a framework for quickly practising all the phonetic sounds every day.

Refine your sound articulation skills and build confidence with Handcues' daily, multi-sensory approach.

Let's see how it works: 

  • Visual Cues: Each Handcue card features illustrations of a mouth shape, tongue position, and hand gesture for each sound. This visual framework makes remembering and replicating the sound and Handcue easy.
  • Audio Reinforcement: The phonetic sound is pronounced correctly in the high-quality audio recordings, which is played when you click on the card. After hearing the sound, you can try to repeat the sound exactly as you have heard it.
  • Kinesthetic Engagement: Show the hand gesture and say the sound together. This physical repetition strengthens neural connections - solidifying learning and developing fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity. These skills benefit not only speech but also overall cognitive development.

Daily practice with Handcues in short, focused sessions are ideal for long-term learning. Turn practice into a game or do it together with friends and family. Positive emotions boost motivation and make learning enjoyable.

  • Realistic Expectations: While Handcues offers a powerful learning tool, individual progress can vary. Some may see significant improvement, while others may face limitations due to underlying conditions.
  • Focus on the Journey: Embrace the daily practice as a fun and rewarding routine, not just a quest for a specific outcome. Celebrate small victories and enjoy the process of learning.
  • Accessible for all: Handcues is designed for diverse needs and learning styles. Take your time, follow your own pace, and customize your practice as needed.

Ready to give it a try?

Explore Handcues today and unlock the benefits of multi-sensory sound learning. Whether you're looking to improve clarity for daily interactions or build a stronger foundation for language development, Handcues is your daily guide to a clearer, more confident voice.

Remember: Consistency is key. Take a few minutes each day, see it, hear it, repeat it, and experience the joy of progress with Handcues.