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Turn Articulation Practice into Playtime

Learning doesn't have to be a chore, especially when it comes to improving speech! While the Handcues poster supports practising sounds and building fluency, you can add some fun to the process. Turn sound articulation practice into playtime with these engaging games for all ages: Get Guessing: Mystery sign - hot or cold:One player stands with their […]

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Articulation Practice Videos!

The important thing is to get phonetic sound drills done daily for crisp and clear articulation. For some variety into your practise sessions - you can use the handcues videos on YouTube as another articulation practise method. What are Handcues Videos? In the videos, the Handcue cards come to life with a sequence of sounds […]

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Articulation Therapy:  Handcues Poster

The handcues poster is a great tool in the speech therapist's arsenal! This comprehensive resource makes articulation practice into a multi-sensory experience that is designed to promote significant improvement for learners of all ages. What are the benefits of using this set of hand cues: Full set of sounds: Covering all 45 documented phonetic sounds ensures […]

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