Articulation Therapy:  Handcues Poster

The handcues poster is a great tool in the speech therapist's arsenal! This comprehensive resource makes articulation practice into a multi-sensory experience that is designed to promote significant improvement for learners of all ages.

What are the benefits of using this set of hand cues:

  • Full set of sounds: Covering all 45 documented phonetic sounds ensures comprehensive articulation practice.
  • Visual cues:Each sound's 'card' features clear illustrations of hand, mouth, and tongue positions, offering a visual guide for articulation and skills retention.
  • Auditory reinforcement: The online cuetime practise tool gives you access to a high-quality audio sound-bite for each sound, providing a model for accurate imitation.
  • Kinesthetic engagement: Encourage active learning through hand gestures that reinforce muscle memory and solidify neural connections.
  • Accessibility and fun: The simple layout and illustrations make Handcues suitable for diverse learners, being able to practise the sounds quickly and easily can keep the learners motivated.

The Handcues poster can be a central hub for a speech therapy sessions. Imagine this:

  • Interactive wall display: If an interactive wall display is available, the quetime practise tool can be projected onto the wall and the learners can interact with it while practising their sound articulation. Transform the room it into a dynamic learning space. Point to sounds, play the audio and practice together.
  • Group Activities: Turn group learning sessions into a fun and games with a lively atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged.
  • Personalized Practice: Encourage students to use the poster and online practise tool at home for individual practice. The simple strategy makes independent learning effortless and rewarding.
  • Track progress: Progress can be tracked by recording the sounds that the learner is making - using a phone or dictaphone. By recording sounds you can demonstrate to the learners how they are progressing, keeping them motivated.

Get more out of speech therapy sessions! Handcues is more than just a poster - it's a game-changer. Make use of powerful, multi-sensory learning.  to create dynamic, engaging sessions that drive effective articulation therapy.

So, grab your Handcues poster today and watch your students' articulation skills soar!