Learning doesn't have to be a chore, especially when it comes to improving speech! While the Handcues poster supports practising sounds and building fluency, you can add some fun to the process. Turn sound articulation practice into playtime with these engaging games for all ages:

Get Guessing:

  • Mystery sign - hot or cold:One player stands with their back to the poster, and the other describes a sound using only Handcues cues. Turn it into a hot-or-cold guessing game for added excitement!
  • Sound Charades:Act out the movements and positions for different sounds on the poster without making a sound. Whoever guesses correctly gets to choose the next sound!
  • Jumblesounds into words: Place HandCue prompt cards on the table in random order. Players race to rearrange the letters and form words from sounds using the Handcues prompt cards.

Memory Masters:

  • Matching Pairs:Create a pack two packs of cards where the one pack has the hand cue and the other has the sound - then the players have to mach each hand cue with a sound.
  • Sound Sequence:Arrange a few sound icons from the poster in a sequence. Players take turns repeating the sequence, adding one sound each round. They can see how long a chain they can build in the session!
  • I Spy with My Little Handcues:One player secretly chooses a sound on the poster, describes it using Handcues cues, and says "I spy with my little Handcues..." Players guess the sound by asking yes-or-no questions.

Collaborative Creativity:

  • Storytelling Spree:Take turns telling a story, incorporating sounds from the poster whenever you see a specific clue (e.g., a blue dot for a vowel, a hand wave for a long sound). Get silly and creative!
  • Sing a Silly Song:Compose a goofy song together, using sounds from the poster as your musical notes. Add funny lyrics and actions for extra laughs.
  • Poster Picasso:Draw a funny creature from each sound symbol or hand cue. Give each face a voice by practicing different sounds!

Beyond the Posters:

  • Flashcards Frenzy:Turn the sound icons into flashcards and play classic games like snap, concentration, or even "Go Fish" with a speech twist!
  • Scavenger Hunt:Hide sound icons around the house or classroom. Players search for them, practicing the sounds as they find them.
  • Bingo Bonanza:Create bingo cards with sound icons instead of numbers. Call out sounds, and players mark them off their cards. Winner gets a "Speech Champion" crown!

Remember, the key is to have fun and keep things engaging. These are just a few ideas to get you started. Children are naturally good at coming up with games, so let them also make up some of the games. Some children may even take to exploring the sounds on their own. Feel free to adapt them, invent your own games on the go to suit different ages and abilities and ensure everyone has a blast while practicing their speech. Let your creativity shine! With a little imagination and the power of Handcues, speech practice can be a joyful adventure for everyone.

So, unleash your inner child, grab your Handcues posters, and get ready to play! Happy learning!

The important thing is to get phonetic sound drills done daily for crisp and clear articulation. For some variety into your practise sessions - you can use the handcues videos on YouTube as another articulation practise method.

What are Handcues Videos?

In the videos, the Handcue cards come to life with a sequence of sounds to practise -guiding you through a quick practise session. These short clips are designed to:

  • Structure for practise: It gives visual learners a structured way to get through the drills quickly in a daily session.
  • Reinforce visual cues: See it, hear it, do it! Each video combines the familiar hand gestures, mouth shapes, and tongue positions from the Handcues cards with high-quality audio pronunciations, solidifying your learning through multiple senses.
  • Offer targeted practice: Choose from playlists focused on specific sounds, drills for fluency, or sounding-out word exercises. Tailor your practice to your individual needs and goals.
  • Promote independent learning: Learners can access the videos anytime, anywhere, making them perfect for self-paced practice at home or on the go.

What type of videos are available?

Handcues Videos cater to diverse learning styles and needs:

  • Drills:Master tricky sounds through repetition.
  • Sounding out words:Build fluency and confidence by practicing how to combine sounds into words.
  • Short clips for visual learners:Focus on visual cues with concise presentations of hand gestures, mouth shapes, and tongue positions.

And the best part?

Handcues Videos are constantly expanding! New playlists and exercises are added regularly, ensuring you always have fresh, engaging content to keep your practice exciting and effective.

Ready to experience the power of Handcues Videos?

Head over to the Handcues website or YouTube channel and explore the growing library of videos. Choose a playlist that matches your needs, grab your favorite device, and get ready to take your articulation practice to the next level! Remember, consistency is key. By incorporating Handcues Videos into your daily routine, you'll be amazed at how quickly your pronunciation skills improve.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Handcues videos and unlock the joy of clear, confident communication!

The handcues poster is a great tool in the speech therapist's arsenal! This comprehensive resource makes articulation practice into a multi-sensory experience that is designed to promote significant improvement for learners of all ages.

What are the benefits of using this set of hand cues:

  • Full set of sounds: Covering all 45 documented phonetic sounds ensures comprehensive articulation practice.
  • Visual cues:Each sound's 'card' features clear illustrations of hand, mouth, and tongue positions, offering a visual guide for articulation and skills retention.
  • Auditory reinforcement: The online cuetime practise tool gives you access to a high-quality audio sound-bite for each sound, providing a model for accurate imitation.
  • Kinesthetic engagement: Encourage active learning through hand gestures that reinforce muscle memory and solidify neural connections.
  • Accessibility and fun: The simple layout and illustrations make Handcues suitable for diverse learners, being able to practise the sounds quickly and easily can keep the learners motivated.

The Handcues poster can be a central hub for a speech therapy sessions. Imagine this:

  • Interactive wall display: If an interactive wall display is available, the quetime practise tool can be projected onto the wall and the learners can interact with it while practising their sound articulation. Transform the room it into a dynamic learning space. Point to sounds, play the audio and practice together.
  • Group Activities: Turn group learning sessions into a fun and games with a lively atmosphere that keeps everyone engaged.
  • Personalized Practice: Encourage students to use the poster and online practise tool at home for individual practice. The simple strategy makes independent learning effortless and rewarding.
  • Track progress: Progress can be tracked by recording the sounds that the learner is making - using a phone or dictaphone. By recording sounds you can demonstrate to the learners how they are progressing, keeping them motivated.

Get more out of speech therapy sessions! Handcues is more than just a poster - it's a game-changer. Make use of powerful, multi-sensory learning.  to create dynamic, engaging sessions that drive effective articulation therapy.

So, grab your Handcues poster today and watch your students' articulation skills soar!