Articulation Practice Videos!

The important thing is to get phonetic sound drills done daily for crisp and clear articulation. For some variety into your practise sessions - you can use the handcues videos on YouTube as another articulation practise method.

What are Handcues Videos?

In the videos, the Handcue cards come to life with a sequence of sounds to practise -guiding you through a quick practise session. These short clips are designed to:

  • Structure for practise: It gives visual learners a structured way to get through the drills quickly in a daily session.
  • Reinforce visual cues: See it, hear it, do it! Each video combines the familiar hand gestures, mouth shapes, and tongue positions from the Handcues cards with high-quality audio pronunciations, solidifying your learning through multiple senses.
  • Offer targeted practice: Choose from playlists focused on specific sounds, drills for fluency, or sounding-out word exercises. Tailor your practice to your individual needs and goals.
  • Promote independent learning: Learners can access the videos anytime, anywhere, making them perfect for self-paced practice at home or on the go.

What type of videos are available?

Handcues Videos cater to diverse learning styles and needs:

  • Drills:Master tricky sounds through repetition.
  • Sounding out words:Build fluency and confidence by practicing how to combine sounds into words.
  • Short clips for visual learners:Focus on visual cues with concise presentations of hand gestures, mouth shapes, and tongue positions.

And the best part?

Handcues Videos are constantly expanding! New playlists and exercises are added regularly, ensuring you always have fresh, engaging content to keep your practice exciting and effective.

Ready to experience the power of Handcues Videos?

Head over to the Handcues website or YouTube channel and explore the growing library of videos. Choose a playlist that matches your needs, grab your favorite device, and get ready to take your articulation practice to the next level! Remember, consistency is key. By incorporating Handcues Videos into your daily routine, you'll be amazed at how quickly your pronunciation skills improve.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Handcues videos and unlock the joy of clear, confident communication!